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  • Lettered on separate sheet from image, upper right: "PLATE LX."; upper center: "WEST HILL, | In SURRY, | The Seat of D. H. RUCKER, Esquire. | (From a Drawing by Mr. HUMPHRY REPTON.)"; center: "THIS Villa is about 5 Miles from London, and is delightfully situated on an Eminence commanding the whole of the | rich Vale which extends from London to Richmond; Part of the Landscape is enlivened by a View of the Thames, and | the whole is bounded by the Hills of Surry and Kent. | The Gardens, Hot-houses, Pleasure-grounds, and numerous Accompaniments of the Villa, furnish a magnificent | Specimen of that Degree of Elegance and Comfort enjoyed by the English Merchants, when they occasionally retreat from | the industrious Labours of the Compting-house to share their well-earned Weath with their Friends, in the Hospitality | of their Country Seats. | The Grounds were originally planned by Brown, and have received some Improvement from Repton. | The House is large and richley furnished ; but the accurate, or scientific Observer, will perceive on the Outside of the | Villa, such Departures from the established Rules or Proportions of Architecture, as must naturally be expected where the | Builder or Surveyor is consulted instead of the regular Architect. | The Editor did not think himself justified in representing the Architecture of the House more correct then it is in reality; | but the common Observer, the Error in the Entablature, or in the Intercoluminiation, will hardly be detected. | Among the Appendages to this Place may be mentioned, the Farm, the Dairy, the Baths, and the Boat-house, which | have been much and deservedly admired." Lettered in black ink, upper right: "Pl. 60"; lower left: "H. Repton delt."; lower center: "West Hill in Surry, the Seat of D. H. Rucker Esqr. | Published as the Act directs March 1st, 1810, by W. Angus No. 4 Gwynne's Buildings, Islington."; lower right: "W. Angus sculpt."