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  • John Raphael Smith’s print, engraved after a painting by William Redmore Bigg, shows a wealthy mother instructing her two children in the practice of charity. Her young son (wearing a dress, as was common for boys under the age of eight) clings to his mother’s skirts, as she directs him to give a coin to a poor cottager and infant child living on their estate. This scene is observed by a young turbaned servant, who carries the lady’s parasol and cloak and seems to look on with sympathy. It is unclear whether his presence as a conspicuous marker of the lady’s wealth was intended by Bigg, or would have been received by his viewers, as problematic or morally objectionable. When Bigg exhibited his painting in 1781, an anonymous reviewer praised it simply as “A sweet picture—Nature pursued with taste and real sentiment.”
  • Bibliograpic reference :: Figures of empire : slavery and portraiture in eighteenth-century Atlantic Britain, organized by the Yale Center for British Art and curated by Esther Chadwick and Meredith Gamer, PhD candidates in the History of Art at Yale University and Cyra Levenson,, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, 2014, p. 42, V 2556 (YCBA)
  • Bibliograpic reference :: Slavery and portraiture in 18th-century Atlantic Britain, [ Website ], Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, 2015, Available Online ,
  • Dimension height :: 42.2cm
  • Dimension height :: 44.0cm
  • Dimension width :: 55.2cm
  • Dimension width :: 55.3cm
  • Exhibition :: Figures of Empire
  • Located in :: New Haven
  • Located in :: Not on view
  • Located in :: Yale Center for British Art
  • Object type :: intaglio print
  • Subject Concept :: baby
  • Subject Concept :: basket
  • Subject Concept :: beggar
  • Subject Concept :: charity
  • Subject Concept :: children
  • Subject Concept :: country house
  • Subject Concept :: dog (animal)
  • Subject Concept :: fence
  • Subject Concept :: genre subject
  • Subject Concept :: girls
  • Subject Concept :: mother
  • Subject Concept :: portrait
  • Subject Concept :: promenade
  • Subject Concept :: servant
  • Subject Concept :: umbrella
  • Subject Concept :: walking
  • ...
  • Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
  • A Lady and Her Children Relieving a Cottager