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  • It is not known Edward Dayes toured the Lakes. He exhibited "A View on Keswick Lake, Cumberland" at the RA in 1791 and another view of Keswick in 1802, suggesting a visit to the region in the years just prior to the earlier date, and perhaps a second visit in the later 1790s or early 1800s. While all these artists' tours must be seen in the context of picturesque touring, changing popular conceptions of the Picturesque caused some artists, including Dayes, to object to the whole notion. In his Essays on Painting, published shortly after his death, Dayes maintained that the Picturesque should not apply to "objects 'rough and irregular,' or such as a deformed, aged, and ugly," and he railed against the taste for pictures "peopled with gypsies and vagabonds, dirty beggars, clothed with rags." In his view of Haweswater, the fisherman and the milkmaid in the foreground are fastidious in dress and elegant in manner.
  • Dimension height :: 30.0cm
  • Dimension width :: 44.7cm
  • Exhibition :: English Landscape (Paul Mellon Collection) 1630-1850
  • Exhibition :: Fairest Isle - The Appreciation of British Scenery 1750-1850
  • Exhibition :: The Art of Paul Sandby
  • Exhibition :: The Line of Beauty : British Drawings and Watercolors of the Eighteenth Century
  • Located in :: New Haven
  • Located in :: Not on view
  • Located in :: Yale Center for British Art
  • Object type :: drawing
  • Object type :: watercolor
  • Subject Concept :: boy
  • Subject Concept :: child
  • Subject Concept :: fields
  • Subject Concept :: fish
  • Subject Concept :: fisherman
  • Subject Concept :: fishing pole
  • Subject Concept :: genre subject
  • Subject Concept :: gesture
  • Subject Concept :: landscape
  • Subject Concept :: man
  • Subject Concept :: merchant
  • Subject Concept :: mountains
  • Subject Concept :: peasants
  • Subject Concept :: reservoir
  • Subject Concept :: rocks
  • Subject Concept :: sailboat
  • Subject Concept :: trees
  • Subject Concept :: valley
  • Subject Concept :: woman
  • Subject Place :: Cumbria
  • Subject Place :: England
  • Subject Place :: Haweswater Reservoir
  • Subject Place :: United Kingdom
  • Subject Place :: Westmorland
  • ...
  • Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
  • Haweswater, Westmoreland